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The Salvish people were the original inhabitants of Carrick. They were created by the Gods of the Fentinu in the 10th Century Before Carrick. The Salvish were the third attempt in the creation of sapient beings, and the only fully successful. They were given supernatural abilities that allowed them to spread to every place in Carrick in about two years. The Gods subsequently provided them with magic to supply their needs, but the Salvish quickly became lustful for power and decided to erect the Ex Tower, which would allowed them to reach the Fentinnu and rejoin with Gods. Enraged, the Gods killed every Salvish directly involved with the tower, either in planning, building or climbing the tower; also, almost every Salvish settlement was destroyed, incluiding their capital city of Salven.

Historical background[]

The Salvish were created in modern Roventy, on year 959 SS. It is said that their bodies were created from fruit from the Yaxe Tree, and their flesh was infused with blood made from lava, from the Kremathos Volcano. Five years later they were provided with the Crystal of Lu'haa, which granted them the power to control nature to their will. With this power they were able to inhabit all Carrick in two years. The Salvish divided in two groups: the Cardiroan and the Sakloran.

Sondet Klatt[]

Silent Age[]

Modern times[]