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The Lim'tar are a race (elves inhabiting Carrick. Their main features are their great height and pointed ears.


The Lim'tar were created along with the other three races in Ektyaar, on year 1 SC.

In the 7th Century, the already-organized Lim'tar tribes in the Gurval Forest (now destroyed) were constantly threatened by thier Suul neighbors, which constantly were in the urge for lands for their crops to grow. The Lim'tar would soon leave their lands to avoid an attack of the violent Suul and migrated to the north of the Saklor continent. They settled their tribes across the Rosellon Forests and the Lihan Plains.

The tribes were initially at war, but after some time the elders of each Lim'tar tribe got reunited and formed the Confederacy of Rosellon in 989 SC.

The Rosellonan Lim'tar, which leave isolated in a technologically-stagnant society, call themselves Limir Kwuahal or "True People", while the Lim'tar living elsewhere in Carrick are called Limir Juewfath or "Foreign People".


The religious devotion of the Lim'tar is equalled to that of the Doraks. The most of them follow the purest sect of Valgarism called Cithrany, named as such because of the book of Cithran, a Salvish prophet of the Silent Age.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

The Lim'tar highly resemble the Hurs physically. However, their limbs are much larger and therefore their overall height is greater. The average height for the Lim'tar is 1.95 m.

Also, their facial features (with the exception of their large pointed ears) are easily distinguished from Hurs' ones.

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