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Around the year 959 SS, the Salvish people were created in modern Braga, Roventry. As told by Gallat, Godess of Destiny, the Salvish people would inhabit Carrick from the ... Mountain to the ... Volcano, pledging loyalty to Gods of the Fentinnu. The primary race was gifted with supernatural abilities such as telepathy, extreme endurance and running speed. Three years later, the grand city-state of Salven was founded in Loxtani Bay.

In year 954 SS, Godess Gallat created the Crystal of Lu'haa in order to give the Salvish "magic", so they would control nature to supply their needs. Because of that, the Salvish had settled in all Carrick in almost 2 years. By this time, the Saalvish in Saklor would have acquired several differences from the Salvish in Carrick.

The powerful Salvish, in 910 SS, decided to take their might to the limit with the construction of the Ex Tower. This monumental structure of thousands of meters tall was devised by the Kramastaal Luxfvar-Saalvkuur, the leader of the Sakloran Salvish, to reach their gods in the Fentinnu and join them in eternal glory. The tower was completed three years later.

In 907 SS was the year when thousands and thousands of Salvish began going up the tower to reach Fentinnu, resting briefly to rest and pray for the gods after several days of climbing. 905 SS was the date when the Salvish reached the portal to the Fentinnu. The gods, enraged for this act of insolence, accused the Salvish of trying to overtake their place in glory and warned them to stop or "face consequences". The Kramastaal kept encouraging their people to climb the tower and pray to the gods for them to be saved and "glorificated in eternity as perfect beings done by their creators". It was in this moment when the Cardiroan Salvish waged war with their remaining-in-land Sakloran counterparts, blaming them for the disgraces happening to their people. This marked the beginning of the Sondet Klatt or "Final Times".


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